Dora Thelemann

19.. – 19..

Dora Thelemann was the sister of Martha Kuhlo, wife of the painter Philipp Franck, and moved in artistic circles. She wrote several plays for puppets in the late 1930s. One of them ("Der Geburtstag") was published with illustrations by Fritz Kredel in the December 1937 issue of the magazine Die neue Linie, headed by Herbert Bayer in Leipzig. Some members of the Bauhaus contributed to this magazine for several years. The others are from a 1937 collection, Seid ihr alle da? Ja! which includes "Kaspar und die Sternenprinzessin", "Kaspar in der Wüste", "Die Verwechslung", "Oktoberwiese" and "Eine verzauberte Angelegenheit", with a preface by the writer and photographer Gustav Schenk and illustrations by the painter Grethe Jürgens.