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Puppet and marionette theatre repertoires

In Western Europe from 1600 till now

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Animation technique

Trained animal

Street puppeteers used trained animals in their shows for a long time. The most famous was Brioché's monkey Fagotin, dressed in a lackey's livery and equipped with a sword without a point. According to the Combat de Cyrano de Bergerac avec le singe de Brioché, au bout du Pont-Neuf, a text written around 1650 and published in 1704, it was killed by a sword blow from the writer Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac (1619-1655).

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Die Prüfung

This play appeared in Pocci's first collection of Kasperl's plays, published in 1855 under the title Neues Kasperl-Theater. The six short plays it contains were certainly among those that Pocci played for his children in the Ammerland house on the …

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Our scientific publications

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    Continuitiy and discontinuity in the repertoire of glove puppets (17th-19th centuries)

  • Dramaturgy of the figure: the author's repertoire

    Round table discussion on contemporary playwriting for puppets and marionettes in Italy

  • Dom Roberto theatre

    Christine Zurbach (University of Evora)

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The figure of Pulcinella

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