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Puppetplays - A Research Program Founded by the European Union

Puppet and marionette theatre repertoires

In Western Europe from 1600 till now

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Animation technique

Gloved hand

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L'encanteri del drac

The story, which imitates Valencian folk tales, tells how the historic palm grove of Elx (Elche), a World Heritage Site, has been preserved. Commissioned by the Festival de Teatre i Música Medieval d'Elx, the play was written by playwright Antonio …

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Our scientific publications

  • Pulcinella, Punch, Polichinelle…

    Continuitiy and discontinuity in the repertoire of glove puppets (17th-19th centuries)

  • Dramaturgy of the figure: the author's repertoire

    Round table discussion on contemporary playwriting for puppets and marionettes in Italy

  • Dom Roberto theatre

    Christine Zurbach (University of Evora)

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The figure of Pulcinella

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