Green Planet

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Green Planet

Aventura Eco-Galáctica

| 2013 | Valencia, Spain
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Aventura Eco-Galáctica (Eco-galactic adventure)
Laetia, Laio, Dragonis, Kan, Binans, Binan Major
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Green Planet is an original production for very young audiences by Empar Claramunt. It was created in 2013 for the Valencian puppet company Teatre Buffo. This ecological and futuristic black theatre show encourages us to protect the environment and imagine other possible worlds.

Plot summary

A girl, a boy and a dog’s interstellar journey in search of an unexpected treasure that will save the planet.

The plot takes place in 2080, on Earth - an utterly polluted planet on which live a little girl named Laetia, her sidekick dog, and Dragonis, her friend. Laetia enjoys stargazing, while her friend loves seeking remains of the past using a detector. Inside a meteoroid, they find an encrypted note regarding a treasure that could be found on a dead planet. Laetia and Dragonis decide to go after the said treasure. After many adventures on other planets, they finally get the treasure chest back thanks to enchanted phrases they learnt. When they return home, they find that the treasure is not gold, but rather seeds that will help making Earth a green planet again by growing trees on it.

Composition date

First performance

Riba-roja de Túria, Spain, 29-9-2013 -

Auditori Municipal Riba-roja de Túria (Valence, Espagne), by the Teatre Buffo theatre company

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Jaume Lloret