Alladine et Palomides - Maurice Maeterlinck


90 pages


Alladine et Palomides

Maurice Maeterlinck | 1894 | Ghent, Belgium
Genre (as defined by the author)
Ablamore, Astolaine, Alladines, Palomides, Les Soeurs de Palomides, Un Médecin
Number of acts

Alladine et Palomides is the first of the Trois petits drames pour marionnettes published by Maurice Maeterlinck in 1894.

Plot summary

An old man’s jealousy causes the death of two young lovers

The old Ablamore, father of seven daughters, of whom only one, Astolaine, is still alive, wants to make the young Greek slave Alladine his mistress. Alladine and Palomides, Astolaine's fiancé, fall in love with each other. While Astolaine resigns herself to giving Palomides her freedom, Ablamore sinks into jealousy. Alladine and Palomides, shackled and blindfolded, are locked in an underground cave. They manage to free themselves from their bonds and are delighted by the beauty of the cave and an underground lake. Astolaine and the six sisters of Palomides, who have come to rescue them, let in the light of day which reveals the true aspect of the cave. The two lovers become frightened and fall into the lake. After being pulled out of the water, they are placed in two separate chambers and, while talking without seeing each other, they both die.

Composition date

First performance

Lyon, France, 2007 -

Théâtre des Marronniers, mise en scène de Vincent Farasse (compagnie Trishanku).

Publications and translations


Maurice Maeterlinck. Trois petits drames pour marionnettes. Bruxelles: Edmond Deman, 1894.

Modern edition

Maurice Maeterlinck. Trois petits drames pour marionnettes. Bruxelles: Espace Nord, 2015.

Literary tones
Dramatic, Tragic
Not specified
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Written by

Didier Plassard