A Piece of Cake


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A Piece of Cake

| 2009 | France
Monsieur Anselme Sablefin, Aiguille 1, Aiguille 2, Monsieur Pascal Beaurivage, Léon, Sonia Beaurivage
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A Piece of Cake was selected by the jury of the “Anniversaire(s)” prize as part of the Créa-Théâtre’s 30th anniversary celebrations in Tournai. It does not appear to have been staged yet.

Plot summary

A man frees himself from his fear of dying.

Anselme Sablefin, "a man of a certain age", fights against time. He does everything he can to silence the hands of his watch. But they only do as they please, despite his threats and physical attacks. On his birthday, Anselme invites his friend Pascal Beaurivage over and takes out the cake from last year’s birthday, which “had entirely faded and looked all stale and inedible”. Faced with Beaurivage’s sadness, he brings out a second cake, a fresher and mouth-watering one – the birthday cake’s birthday cake. Everytime Anselme cuts a slice, shapes suddenly come out, reminding him of various periods of his life.When Sonia, Beaurivage’s daughter, asks him to cut the last slice of the cake, a huge, red heart and tears suddenly appear. He dies, but comes back to life right after, and they all eat the cake together.

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Publications and translations


Fabienne Rouby, A Piece of Cake, in Anniversaire(s). Manage: Lansman, 2009.

Literary tones
Dramatic, Comical, Fantastic
Not specified


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Written by

Josse Bette