L'Homme au cœur en fer forgé


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L'Homme au cœur en fer forgé

| 2012 | Belgium
L'Homme au cœur en fer forgé, L'Enfant en fer forgé, Le Petit frère, Le Tout petit enfant
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L’Homme au cœur en fer forgé (The man with the wrought-iron heart) was selected by the panel for the Centre de la Marionnette de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Belgium) and by Lansman Editions publishing house, in a writing contest on the theme of “First Time(s)”.

According to the indications given by the author, the play is a monologue that “could be spoken in a voice-over”. It features several puppets, representing characters of various ages. The text is organised in several parts which do not unfold in a linear sequence. The main character mentions other characters in his story, who seem to be projections of himself.

Plot summary

An old man relates his story

The man with the wrought-iron heart – now an old man – relates his story. He reminisces about his childhood, and thinks about the first time he played the piano – a moment which coincided with the death of his younger brother. It is now him who plays the piano for a child.

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Publications and translations


Aude Van Schaftingen, L'Homme au cœur en fer forgé in Première(s) fois. Carnière-Morlanweltz: Éditions Lansman, 2012

Literary tones
Lyrical, Dramatic
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Written by

Typhaine Gélard