Ch' l'accidint d'Lafleur


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Ch' l'accidint d'Lafleur

| 1970s | Amiens, France
Sandrine, Titine Calicot, Gégène, Papa Tchutchu, Tchot Blaise, Paupaul Calicot, Lafleur, Mort
Number of acts

This play is an example of the texts written at the start of the 1970s, which aimed at renewing the repertoire of Lafleur, a traditional character from the puppet theatres of Amiens (France).

Plot summary

The hero, who was believed to be dead, reappears.

On the advice of Lafleur, Titine Calicot, gave up her studies and now works as a sales assistant in a sex shop. She thinks that Lafleur is a good man but Sandrine, his wife, does not agree with that. She believes he spends too much time with other women, does not work, does not earn any money and spends all of his free time drinking. Gégène, the owner of a pub, comes looking for Lafleur for he has not paid her in 6 months. Sandrine gets worried – if Lafleur is not at Gégène’s pub, where could he have gone?

Papa Tchutchu, the landlord, demands that the rent for the past six months be paid. Sandrine tries to explain that she and her husband are living off her income, because Lafleur does not work and he claims to be ill. Papa Tchutchu hesitates over calling court baillifs, for Lafleur is capable of beating them and of making a scene.

Gégène returns and explains that she has heard that Lafleur was hit by a car. Given the circumstances, Papa Tchutchu, gives up on being paid back. Titine has doubts, though – Gégène might have been mistaken. Blaise has also heard about Lafleur’s accident and cannot believe that he has really passed away. Him, Sandrine, Gégène and Paupaul reminisce about Lafleur and his banter.

Lafleur comes back alive and enters the grieving house. He explains that it is not he who has been crushed, but old Marie’s flower. He is very angry with Gégène, who prefers to flee to avoid his kicks. Lafleur wants to know what has been said of him when it was thought he had passed away. Death enters. She, too, has heard that Lafleur had died. She comes to get him, but Lafleur kicks her away.

Composition date

First performance

Amiens, France, 1970s -

Chés Cabotans d’Amiens theatre company

Publications and translations


Lafleur. Théâtre contemporain. Amiens: Encrage, 1990.

Picard language
Literary tones
Animations techniques
Rod and string marionette
Not specified


Theatrical techniques


Written by

Yanna Kor