Les Amours de Microton - La Grille (Dominique de Normandin, aka Sieur de La Grille)

Les Amours de Microton

ou les charmes d'Orcan

La Grille (Dominique de Normandin, aka Sieur de La Grille) | 1676 | Paris, France
Genre (as defined by the author)
Tragédie enjouée, mêlée d'ornements singuliers et divertissants
Philis, Dorine, Silvandre, Microton, Elise, Orcan, Chasseurs, Un Berger, Une Bergère, Un Démon, Statues, Jardiniers, Quatre Magiciens, L'Amour, Une Bohémienne, Quatre Lutins, Serpents, Drac, Huit Démons, Un autre Démon, Un Traiteur, Quatre Bergers et Bergères
Number of acts

This is the second opera created by La Grille with the Troupe Royale des Pygmées, in November 1676. On the title page of the printed copy kept at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the word "tragédie" is crossed out and replaced by "pastorale".

Plot summary

Young ward that her guardian wants to take as a wife

The shepherdess Philis is loved by Silvandre, whom she loves in return, but she is also courted by Microton. Dorine promises Philis that she will ask the magician Orcan to calm Microton's ardour. Surprising Philis and Silvandre's love dialogue, Microton calls on Orcan to take revenge on Silvandre and force Philis to love him. Orcan performs various magic tricks. He has prepared the potion, but Microton refuses to go and thank the demons. Orcan tries to seduce Elise, who rejects him. Philis reveals to Silvandre that Microton has played the role of a guardian for her. The god of love appears and promises to help Silvandre. Elise convinces Orcan to support Silvandre and Philis' love and to cure Microton of his madness. Orcan forces Microton to go and see the Demons; il conjures up Goblins, Serpents, a Dragon, Demons that frighten Microton and make him give up Philis. Microton announces that he will devote himself only to his flock. Orcan laughs at him. Microton gets angry, but he realises that he has been magically cured of his love for Philis and joins the wedding banquet. Microton wants to eat some of the dishes, but they turn into snakes and toads. The appearance of demons makes Microton run away. Shepherds and shepherdesses sing and dance.

Composition date

First performance

Paris, France, 1676 -

Hôtel royal des Pygmées, in le Marais du Temple.

Publications and translations


Les Amours de Microton ou les Charmes d'Orcan, Paris, Hôtel des Pygmées, s. d.

Conservation place

Bibliothèque nationale de France - Paris, France
Animations techniques
Marionette with counterweight
Not specified
Public domain


Theatrical techniques



Written by

Didier Plassard