Die Fahrt auf den Mond - Bertl Hayde (Berta Gründler-Hetmanek)

Die Fahrt auf den Mond

Ein Handpuppenspiel für zwei Spieler

Bertl Hayde (Berta Gründler-Hetmanek) | 1961 | Vienna, Austria
Kasperl, Seppl, König, Prinzessin, Mondmann, Trompeter, Ausrufer, Nachtwächter
Number of acts

Despite several allusions to the modern world (airplanes, sputnik), this piece belongs more to a fantastical world of children's literature. It is by walking on a ray of moonlight that the princess escapes from her home, and becomes a prisoner of the Man on the Moon who forces her to cook and work for him. Seduced and then exploited by a man, the fate of the princess, who ends up returning home to her father, seems to be a warning to the young girls in the audience.

Plot summary

A young girl forced to work for a man is returned home to her father

The princess escapes to the moon by walking on a ray of moonlight. Her father, King Cyprian XIII, promises a reward for he who can bring her back to earth. Kasperl and Seppl volunteer and leave on a rocket. They find the princess miserable, forced to cook and clean for the Man on the Moon. Thanks to a trap, Kasperl and Seppl succeed in escaping with the princess. The king thanks Kasperl and wants to offer him a gift, but Kasperl is content with a piggybank—he had to break his own to buy the rocket.

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Hayde, Bertl, Die Fahrt auf den Mond. Wien: Österreichischer Bundesverlag, 1961.

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Manuela Mohr