La Princesa del desert - Rodolf Sirera


87 pages


La Princesa del desert

Rodolf Sirera | 1989 | Valencia, Spain
Nabíh, Hassan, Abdul, Omar, Eugeni, Al-Mansur, Laila, Ismail
Number of acts

La Princesa del desert is Rodolf Sirera's first play for children, written as part of the Theatre in Schools campaign (1985-1989) run by the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat Valenciana. As the author wanted his play to be performed in Valencian schools, he brought proposals for staging it to Manel Cubedo, the director of this educational campaign. This play is notable for the great richness of the situations and the variety of theatrical techniques: acting, puppets of different types, masks, shadows and projections. It was performed by the pupils, supervised by their teachers, in several Valencian schools.

Plot summary

A wanderer tells stories that fit into each other

The wanderer Nabíh tells a child, Hassan, how the merchant Abdul found on a dead man’s body a bottle from which emerges a genie. This genie, in turn, tells the story of the dead man, a fallen king, father of Fatima, a princess who is said to have taken refuge among the desert dwellers because of the fratricidal war. The king's supporters are looking for Fatima to offer her the throne, and discover that she is Laïla, Hassan's mother. However, she renounces the throne to become the princess of the desert. Other stories are added to this main plot.

Composition date

First performance

Valencia, Spain, 1989 -

Schools in the region of Valencia.

Publications and translations


Manel Cubedo et Rodolf Sirera. El teatre a l'escola. València: Generalitat Valenciana, 1989, p.158-219.

Modern edition

Rodolf Sirera. La princesa del desert. Alzira: Bromera, Micalet Teatre, 2009.

Literary tones
Didactic, Fantasy
Animations techniques
Shadow theatre, Rod puppet, String marionette
Young audiences


Theatrical techniques


Written by

Jaume Lloret