L'encanteri del drac - Antonio Amorós, Juan León

L'encanteri del drac

Antonio Amorós, Juan León | 2018 | Elche, Spain
Genre (as defined by the author)
Conte fantàstic
Drac, Alzina, Àlex, JustÍcia, Poble, Codines, Plácido, Domingo, Vella 1, Vella 2, Vella 3
Number of acts

The story, which imitates Valencian folk tales, tells how the historic palm grove of Elx (Elche), a World Heritage Site, has been preserved. Commissioned by the Festival de Teatre i Música Medieval d'Elx, the play was written by playwright Antonio Amorós and adapted for puppets by Juan León. Performed in the style of medieval minstrel legends, it is narrated by the two troubadours Plácido and Domingo.

Plot summary

The hero saves a city and its natural environment through a pact

The work tells the legendary story of the city of Elx (Elche), which is surrounded by palm forests, and of an angry dragon who sees his natural kingdom threatened by the development of the city beyond its walls. To prevent this, the dragon kidnaps the girls of the town and, by means of a spell, turns them into slender palm trees. An improvised hero puts an end to this curse: with the help of a fairy, he reaches an agreement between the dragon and the inhabitants, so that they preserve the palm grove forever.

Composition date

First performance

Elche, Spain, 25/10/2018 -

Festival of Teatre i Música Medieval d'Elx, Palau d'Altamira, La Carreta Teatro.

Publications and translations

  • El hechizo del dragón


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Literary tones
Didactic, Fantasy
Animations techniques
Silhouette, Marotte
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Jaume Lloret