Cavalleria Rusticana

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Cavalleria Rusticana

Per opera dei pupi e opera lirica

| 1981 | Palermo, Italy
Turiddu, Lola, Prima Donna, Seconda Donna, Primo Uomo, Secondo Uomo, Santuzza, Mastro Cola, Mamma Lucia, Alfio, Uomo
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Cavalleria rusticana, per opera dei pupi e opera lirica (Rustic chivalry for opera dei pupi and lyrical opera) by Anna Cuticchio is a reduction and an adaptation of the short story written by Giovanni Verga and of the opera composed by Pietro Mascagni (1890), which was inspired by Verga’s work. This performance, which Anna Cuticchio directed, was the first production by the Voci della Sicilia company, which was founded by the puppeteer on 8 May 1890. The performance was accompanied by a pianist and a soprano, whose hair and outfit mirrored those of the pupa who is the protagonist of the drama.

Plot summary

A man loves a married woman

Upon his return from his military service, Turiddu discovers that Lola, the woman he loved, married Alfio. He gets engaged to Santuzza in order to make Lola jealous, and then becomes Lola’s lover. Santuzza, who is desperate, reveals to Alfio that Lola and Turiddu are having an affair. She immediately wishes she had not told him, but she cannot prevent atragedy from happening. Alfio challenges Turiddu to a duel, and after having thrown dirt into his eyes, Alfio stabs Turiddu to death.

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First performance

Palermo, Italy, 27 February 1981 -

Teatro Madison, produced by Anna Cuticchio.

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Rod and string marionette
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Anna Leone