Die klingende Weihnachtskugel

Audio-visual recording

Die klingende Weihnachtskugel

| 1969 | Munich, Germany
Kasperl, Pepperl, Mondmann, Grossvater, Mohrle, Mondmädchen, Heiliger Nikolaus, Mondbewohner, Der Doktor
Number of acts

Created at Münchner Marionettentheater in 1969, the piece is frequently performed during Christmas celebrations, particularly by the Städtisches Marionettentheater in Bad Tölz (Bavaria) who took it up again regularly since the 2000s. While conserving many traditional characters and maintaining the fantastical themes of spectacles for a young audience, the piece was inspired by the Space Race of the end of the 1960s in particular the Apollo 8 mission (December 21-27 1968) in which three astronauts, on their orbit around the moon, spent Christmas in space, and the Apollo 11 mission (July 16-24 1969) that saw the first steps on the moon.

Plot summary

A child runs away and returns home

A young boy named Pepperl is sick and can't go out. With the collaboration of Kasperl, who replaces him in bed and takes the medicines meant for him, Pepperl escapes from his house to go see the Christmas manger. Arriving on a flying saucer and disguised as an astronaut, the Man on the Moon convinces Kasperl and Pepperl to escape the boring festive season to celebrate Christmas on the Moon. Upon their arrival, they learn that the Man on the Moon was deceiving them. Kasperl loses his memory of his life on Earth. Thanks to the intervention of the Girl on the Moon and of Saint Nicolas who brings him a musical Christmas ornament, Kasperl recovers his memory. Saint Nicolas, Kasperl, and Pepperl return to Earth, where they are awaited by Father Christmas to celebrate the holiday.

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Munich, Germany, 1969 -

Münchner Marionettentheater

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