La Luna e Pulcinella - Irene Vecchia

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La Luna e Pulcinella

Irene Vecchia | 2019 | Naples, Italy
Teresina, Guappo, Luna, Pulcinella, Cane, Morte Guardia
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The play was developed in part with Bruno Leone and Gyula Molnàr. Just like Pulcinella di ritorno dalla Luna by Bruno Leone or Pulcinella sulla Luna by Pantaleo Annese, it was presented in 2019 during the 36th Festival La Macchina dei sogni directed in Palermo by Mimmo Cuticchio. The theme of this edition was "L'altra faccia della Luna" [The other side of the Moon] and referred back to the episode of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso (1516-1532) where Astolfo goes to the Moon to look for the phial in which Roland's lost mind is trapped.

Plot summary

A man discovers violence against women

After a prologue where Pulcinella introduces the play and the dog sings a song, Teresina is attacked by a man in the street. The Moon appears to Teresina and calls her to come in a bid to protect her. Pulcinella looks for his beloved but the Moon prevents him from approaching. Pulcinella disguises himself as a woman, he is attacked by the same man as Teresina, and is then pursued by Death disguised as a policeman who wants to tire him out with domestic chores. Pulcinella flies off to the Moon and persuades Teresina to come back with him. Back on Earth, the two lovers take revenge on their attacker, who turns out to be a child calling out to his mother for help, and they eat a dish of spaghetti.

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Palermo, Italy, 21 juillet 2019 -

Festival La Macchina dei sogni, Palermo

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Manuela Mohr