Die Erbschaft - Franz von Pocci


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Die Erbschaft

Zwischenspiel in zwei Abteilungen

Franz von Pocci | 1875 | Munich, Germany
Genre (as defined by the author)
Casperl Larifari, Grethl, Frau Stritzlhuberin, Jäger Thomerl, Müller, Stahlfeder, Schnuffler, Lisi, Julie, Nachtwächter
Number of acts

This piece is a comedy of manners, a genre that Pocci had a particular fondness for, and a satire of the nouveau riche who have quickly come into large sums of money (Casperl als Prinz; Das Glück ist blind; Casperl wird reich). It is the penultimate piece devised by the playwright and the last that was performed during his lifetime on the stage of the München Marionettentheater of Josef Leonhard Schmid. The piece was published by Hyacinth Holland, a posthumous title, in the sixth volume of Lustiges Komödenbüchlein (Booklet of Amusing Comedies) in 1877.

Plot summary

A man gets rich unexpectedly and loses his fortune just as quick

Casperl inherits money from his neighbor Frau Bas, who recently died: it's a fortune. He passes a miserable evening, tormented by the idea that people are plotting to steal his money. He even cries out about a fire. The next day, Grethel buys the latest style of toilet, hires a cook… Casperl goes out to drink at the tavern with his friend, the hunter Tomerl. However, when he returns, the notary Stahlfeder is there to announce to the cleaners that Madame Casperl's purchases and the settling of debts with the tavern have exhausted the fortune of Frau Bas—there is nearly nothing left. Casperl throws out the notary and police chief Schnuffler, who came with a fine for nighttime disturbances. He then scarfs down a plate of Knödel that his cook prepared while declaring that he doesn't need money as long as he keeps his good spirits.

Composition date

First performance

Munich, Germany, 1875 -

Münchner Marionettentheater

Publications and translations


Franz Pocci: Lustiges Komödienbüchlein, sechstes Bändchen. München, Ernst Stahl, 1877

Modern edition

Franz von Pocci: Lustiges Komödienbüchlein 6. München, Allitera, Editio Monacensia, 2011

Literary tones
Comical, Satirical, Farcical
Animations techniques
String marionette
Young audiences
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Jean Boutan