Lumi dall'alto - Gigio Brunello, Gyula Molnár (aka Giulio Molnár)

Lumi dall'alto

Corse clandestine in città

Gigio Brunello, Gyula Molnár (aka Giulio Molnár) | 2014 | Mogliano Veneto, Italy
Narratore, Vassillaq, C'est la Vie, Ginco, Lumi, Bato, Fata Mariana, Nonna, Belina, Bregan, Cugino Adamar, Dadu Lima, Zia Ariona
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Lumi dall'alto is the third and final episode of the "trilogy on the town of Mestre", a triptych written by Brunello on his home town. Like the other two texts (Vite senza fine and Teste Calde), this play tells a real story in a divert and poetic way. The migrants' journey, the crossing risks, cultural differences and family difficulties are recounted, mixing realistic language with surreal and magical incursions (the presence of a fairy, a winged horse, an invisible car...), which are scenically translated through the language of object theatre.

Plot summary

A family of Albanian migrants in Italy

The puppeteer is about to tell a true story, the story of Lumi and Ginco, two young migrants from Albania. Their friend Vassillaq was supposed to play the role of the narrator, but as he did not show up, the puppeteer will do it for him. The young girl Lumi lives in Albania with her brother Bato and their grandmother. Their parents have lived in Venice-Mestre, Italy for eight years. One day the two siblings are finally able to join their parents: a wealthy cousin who lives in Canada has asked for Lumi's hand in marriage, and Bregan, Lumi's father, has accepted. Lumi and Bato embark on the perilous sea journey and finally arrive in Venice-Mestre. Another young Albanian, Ginco, has recently arrived at the site where Bregan works. He has no papers, but he is helped by Bregan and Vassillaq, another Albanian migrant with a passion for illegal car racing. As soon as they meet, Ginco and Lumi fall madly in love, but when Bregan finds out, he is furious: he wants to marry Lumi to her rich cousin. The day of the official engagement arrives, but Lumi is disgusted by her fat and pompous cousin. To punish her, her father sends her to live with her aunt, but Lumi continues to see Ginco and becomes pregnant. It is finally thanks to the intervention of the aunt that Bregan is convinced to allow the two young lovers to marry. The wedding finally takes place, but Vassillaq, who was supposed to be the groom's best man, is not there: he died the day before, while participating in one of his illegal races. That's why the puppeteer had to assume the role of narrator...

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Teste calde, Gigio Brunello, Gyula Molnár (aka Giulio Molnár)2011
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Publications and translations


Gigio Brunello, Tragedie e commedie per tavoli e baracche. Treviso: De Bastiani Editore, 2018.

Animations techniques
Animated object, Object theatre
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Francesca Di Fazio