El circ de la fosca - Pasqual Alapont


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El circ de la fosca

Obra per a un actor i titelles

Pasqual Alapont | 2000 | Valencia, Spain
Virgili, Clown, El Trapezista, La Trapezista, Acordionista, Edith Piaf, Cambrer, Aranyes, Jazz Band, Tatiana la Fera, Billie Holiday, Joaquim el Domador, Carlos Gardel, Dos Guitarristes, Ballarí, Malabarista, Pare, Orquestra de Soldats, Harald Paulsen, Soldat John, Soldat Jim, Soldat George, General 1, General 2, General 3
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The play is an allegory of violence in contemporary society, written by a leading author of new Valencian theatre. Like a Ringmaster, a dancer unrolls the thread of the whole show and directs the other characters represented by puppets. Each story is introduced by a mythical song from the 20th century, about losers searching for their identity, unrequited love, loneliness and despair.The work was commissioned for puppets by the Bambalina Titelles d'Albaida theatre company.

Plot summary

Four stories of violence and crime

In a tavern, Virgili presents four short stories that take place in a circus and have the themes of solitude, failure and death in common. A clown, in love with a trapeze artist, kills her partner; a trainer treats his wife as if she were a circus animal and ends up killing her; a young juggler kills his father with the needles he uses to inject cocaine; a soldier, a musician in the circus band who raped girls and killed children during the war, ends up shot as a deserter.

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Rodolf Sirera, Pasqual Alapont, Paco Zarzoso. Umbracles. Albaida: Museu Internacional de Titelles d'Albaida (MITA), 2001.

Literary tones
Dramatic, Grotesque
Animations techniques
String marionette


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Written by

Jaume Lloret