Das Glück ist blind - Franz von Pocci


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Das Glück ist blind

Franz von Pocci | 1869 | Munich, Germany
Genre (as defined by the author)
Zauberspiel mit Gesang
Bios, Fortuna, Capricerl, Casperl Larifari, Krügler, Lorenz, Klaus, Der Teufel, Ein Polizeidiener, Johann, Peter, Verschiedene Erscheinungen und Verwandlungen
Number of acts

With this play, Franz von Pocci delivers to the public a fairy tale in the style of an author whom he himself particularly appreciated, the Viennese playwright Ferdinand Raimund (1790-1836). Das Glück ist blind reflects the Central European burlesque tradition, mixing marvelous and satirical registers, allegorical and trivial subjects with an all but blind happiness.

Plot summary

A poor man gets rich without being able to find happiness

Incarcerated for his debts, Casperl is freed from prison by a small child, Capricerl, who is the guide of Fortuna, the blind goddess. While being pursued, Casperl finds refuge with Klaus, a hermit who reveals himself to be the Devil. However, Fortuna bet against Bios, the genie of life, that her gifts could make someone happy: Casperl will be her guinea pig. She repels the Devil and makes Casperl win the lottery. But the newly rich man is tyrannical and angry to the point of becoming sick. He goes so far as to miss the simple and modest life he once had, and curses his fortune. The goddess understands her defeat and brings him back to his normal self. Casperl goes to the inn.

Composition date

Other titles

Kasperl im Schuldturm

First performance

Munich, Germany, 1869 -

Münchner Marionettentheater

Publications and translations


Franz Pocci : Lustiges Komödienbüchlein, viertes Bändchen. München, J. J. Lentner, 1871

Modern edition

Franz von Pocci : Lustiges Komödienbüchleien 4, edition monacensia, , hrsg. von Ulrich Dittmann, München, Allitera Verlag, 2008