Apollon Polichinelle

Manuscript with songs and dialogue summaries

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Apollon Polichinelle

| 1734 | Paris, France
Polichinelle, Dame Gigogne, Le Compère, Pierrot, Issé, Hylas, Le Grand Prêtre, Deux Prêtres d'Apollon, Une Paysanne, Philémon, Pan, Doris, Apollon
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The manuscript of this play by an unknown author is included in the volume FF 9313 of the collection Soleinne, in Bibliothèque nationale de France, at the Département des manuscrits. The heroic pastoral Issé, by Antoine Houdar de la Motte and André Cardinal, also known as Destouches, was revived by the Académie Royale de Musique in November 1733. If the character of Pan is played by the Compère, it is probably the actor who, placed in front of the stage, served as an intermediary between the puppets and the audience.

Plot summary

The desire to be loved for who you are

Polichinelle wants to be loved while he is dressed as the shepherd Philemon, but is rejected by Issé. Doris accepts Pan's love for a while. Hylas is in turn rejected by Issé. Issé questions the oracle of the oaks of Dodona who tells her that she will fall in love with the god of light. Issé refuses because she prefers Polichinelle. Polichinelle reveals himself to her as Apollo.

Related works
Issé, Antoine Houdar de la Motte1697
Composition date

First performance

Paris, France, 1734 -

4 février 1734, Saint-Germain Fair in Paris

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Conservation place

Bibliothèque nationale de France - Paris, France
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Animations techniques
Rod and string marionette
Not specified
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Written by

Didier Plassard